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How To Pay Your Maintenance Fees

Subdivision maintenance fees in the amount of $150.00 are due on January 1st.

Late Fees of $15/month start to occur on March 1st. 

Mail your maintenance fees to:

   California Subdivision Improvement Association

42140 N. 3rd Ave.

Antioch, IL 60002


You may also drop them off in the secure 

California Subdivision Improvement Association mailbox located on the Northeast corner of

Highview and 3rd Ave.

Your maintenance fees are used to maintain

and support the lakefront, the club house,

the beach and pavilion,

and signs for the neighborhood.  


A member in good standing is allowed to use approximately 15 feet along the lakefront to install one (1) pier which meets Fox Water Way, Army Corps of Engineers, and Lake County Building Code or any other legal entity requirements. (see 4/24/13 By-Laws page 13, section 60).  


You must contact your Block Captain before adopting or installing a deck or pier.

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